The Photolibrary Wales Circa 2008 Sans Images


the largest collection of images of Wales - 61,121 images, 324 photographer

The Photolibrary Wales, based near Cardiff was established in 2000, by Steve and Kate Benbow.
This was their website, although as of 2018 there is a new owner of the domain. Prefering to keep the site intact and not repurposing the site for something else, the content is from the sites 2008 archived pages sans any images.
The Photolibrary Wales will be missed by all those who utilised their superb images. In addition, there is a Youtube video of Steve Benbow reminiscing of his time at the University of South Wales, one of the leading providers of photographic education in the UK. This video was in conjunction with the celebration at the University of South Wales, called the 100 Years of Photography which culminated in a special Alumni Exhibition held at the University’s Newport City Campus.


CIRCA 2008

Steve was an international photojournalist for over 20 years, a founding member of the London based photojournalists co-operative ‘Network’ and the founder of the 'Ffotogallery', the only gallery in Wales dedicated to the art of photography. Kate was a photo editor at the 'The Times' and 'US News and World Report' and has worked with photo agencies in London, Paris and New York.

Representing the work of over 200 photographers, living and working in Wales, The Photolibrary Wales has over 100,000 original images and is now the largest searchable resource for contemporary images of Wales. The searchable web site hosts over 50,000 images and is updated weekly.

The Photolibrary Wales supplies images of the arts, travel, sport, business, lifestyle, personalities, environment and concept images to over 1,000 clients worldwide.

Our specialist knowledge of Wales and our network of photographers and contacts, enables us to undertake image research projects both large and small.

In conjunction with Peter Gill & Associates, The Photolibrary Wales has self published 2 photographic books using images from the library:

‘Cardiff – Caerdydd’

A photographic showcase of this dynamic young city's people, architecture, sport and culture, from the Photolibrary Wales collection. Edited by Steve Benbow, designed by Peter Gill, foreword by Trevor Fishlock. 112 photographs, 27 photographers, 1 stunning capital city. Cardiff Caerdydd is book that captures the many faces of this constantly evolving city. This photographic showcase of the city's architecture, people, sport and culture paints a vivid image of this dynamic, young and fsat growing European capital. The foreword by Trevor Fishlock, travel writer, author and broadcaster, describes his love of the city. 'One of the enduring pleasures is that's eminently walkable. Almost all you need is close at hand: shops, the busy cental market, handsome Victorian arcades, theartres, cinemas and concert venues like St David's Hall

‘Landscape Wales – Tirlun Cymru’

The varied moods and seasons of the Welsh landscape are captured in a pictorial celebration of the countryside for all to enjoy. Landscape Wales is available in three editions: each fully illustrated in colour with images of inspiring scenery from Anglesey to the Vale of Glamorgan


"We shot this project over several weeks, necessitating a relocation to the area to capture the changing weather conditions. The intricacies of such a project go beyond just the equipment and location. Like many professional endeavors today, database software plays a pivotal role in organizing, tracking, and managing vast amounts of data related to our shoots. One particular challenge we faced was the phasing out of Microsoft Access, a tool we had heavily relied upon in previous projects. With it no longer being supported, the hunt for a Microsoft Access replacement became paramount. In addition to the specialized equipment, we also employed drones, which enabled the breathtaking views that otherwise would have necessitated a prohibitively expensive helicopter shoot. With the logistical challenges of the relocation and the search for a new database solution in tandem, it was a testament to our team's adaptability and resilience. Once these issues were resolved, our focus was solely on capturing the magnificent landscapes and the unparalleled beauty of this remarkable location. Enjoy!" Gillem Wise


The Welsh Collection

  • Framed prints for personal and corporate use
  • Stunning images of Wales from all areas
  • Full framing and hanging service available

Chosen from the extensive archive of The Photolibrary Wales, this selection of images by top Welsh photographers covers all areas.

These superb pictures can be produced to your size specifications.

We also offer an extensive range of wooden and metal frames to suit any room or location.

Only the highest quality printing and archival materials are used in the production.

Just call with your selection for pricing and details..

If you are interested in images on the main site which are not included in the gallery, please contact and we will advise on suitability.



Ordering Pictures

  • All images contained on the site are at low resolution.
  • They can be downloaded for layout purposes only.
  • To order a high resolution image. Just send us the reference number of the image/s required, with the file size you require. Images will then be sent immediately by transfer, or on disc for the following day.

Picture Searching

Our staff have a unique knowledge of Wales and are experienced in all areas of image research.

Photo Collections Managed

Our extensive experience of operating in all areas of image management, from international assignments to image archiving, enables us to offer a unique service.

We have and continue to work closely with organisations, both large and small in both consultative and management roles.

Offering advice on all matters including archiving, cataloguing, data base production, scanning, digital image production, storage and transmission, through to issues of copyright, moral and legal intellectual property rights and the commercial aspects of the picture industry.

If you have an image library, or are thinking of starting one, our vast experience could help you fully realise the potential of your resource.



Pricing Guide

All our images are licensed, which means that a fee for use must be agreed before any use is made of the image.

The price for image use depends upon the specific use of the image, the size that the image will be used, the nature of the publication or product, the distribution and the location.

If there are several potential uses of the image, we can also negotiate a licence for the image to be used in any media, for the duration of the licence.

Sometimes the use of an image can be quite complex and a degree of negotiation is required. We have therefore not included specific prices here. We feel it is best for you to contact us with your requirements and we shall endeavour to meet your needs and your budget.



Submissions Guidelines

We only accept digital images, either scanned from film, or from digital cameras.

Scanning Film

We will accept scans done on high end scanners such as Nikon Coolscan, Imacon Flextight, or drum scans. Flatbed scanners are not usually acceptable. These files should be 300dpi, 50mb, 8 bit, and saved as a .tif. Files should be clean, properly exposed and retouched as necessary and in Adobe 1998 colorspace. They should not be sharpened. We view all files at 100%. Do not put sticky labels on discs.

Images from Digital Cameras

We accept images shot on high end professional digital cameras only. A minimum of 10 megapixels is usually sufficient.
Whilst we sometimes accept reportage and editorial material from photographers saving as .jpg, we prefer stock images to be shot using a raw file format. These files should be converted so as to be correctly exposed in shadow and highlights, always unsharpened and privided as 300dpi , 8 bit .tif files in Adobe 1998 colorspace. There is no need to upsize the files.

Sending Images

Send images on cd or dvd. Put your name, date and email on the disc, do not put sticky labels on the disc.
When sending pictures, there is no maximum or minimum number of images required.
If you are sending a lot of images (more than 100) it is best to send low resolution images
first, captions are not necessary at this stage. We will edit the images and email the edited list. We then require the high resolution files with geographical captions which are best stored in ‘File Info’ in Photoshop. 
Keep the file names short and simple. e.g Cardiff 1.tif Grouping files of similar areas, themes or events is always useful.
If you require any assistance or further information, please contact us

Wants List

We are always looking for top quality images of Wales and the rest of the world.

The images must be sharp with good strong colour, simple and graphic. Scenics with and without people, life-style with people of all ages, sports and activities, industry and commerce, both horizontal and vertical, where appropiate, is useful.

Below is a general list of subjects that we include in the library. It is not meant to be a difinitive list, however it might be useful when considering subjects to submit. The quarterly Newsletter, distributed to all contributing photographers contains up to date specific requests.

  • The Arts
    Performances, artists, concerts, crafts, etc.
  • Buildings
    Castles, housing, ancient sites, modern housing and offices,industrial and business parks.
  • Environment
    Natural World- animals, birds, trees, plants, pollution, re-cycling, landscapes, seascapes, townscapes
  • Industry
    All forms of agriculture, construction, traditional industry, modern industry, especially electronic, high tec, pharmaceutical, i.t and communication, automotive, research and training
  • Lifestyle
    Education, festivals & events, health, people, religion, welsh culture, activities, food and drink, politics
  • Personalities
    Sport, industry, music, arts, media
  • Transport
    Road, Rail and Sea
  • Sport & Leisure
    Traditional and adventure sports, walking, cycling, climbing, surfing, fishing, etc.



Steve Benbow - 100 Years of Photography At Newport circa 2012.

This exhibition at the University of South Wales saw some of the many successful photographers to emerge from courses at the University come together to demonstrate the significant influence the institution has had on the world of photography. Steve Benbow was one such former alumni.